"Days Of Our Lives" fans will be experiencing some major emotions in the upcoming months as we share in Hope Brady's fear in prison. Hope will be getting a taste of her own "Orange is the New Black" prison life nightmares after she is sentenced to hard time and 25-years behind bars for murder.

Things look bleak for Hope Brady

25-years in prison, if Hope Brady is forced to live out her entire sentence she will be an old lady when she is released. However, let's face the daytime television facts, there is no way she will even get close to doing that amount of time behind bars.

Soap stars are notorious for finding a way out of the tough situations, or the storylines would grow very cold very fast.

Spoilers revealed past this point!

Marlena look-a-like Hattie returns to 'DOOL'

Hope will actually only serve a few months in prison before Rafe, along with the aid of Roman and Shane will find a loophole, or evidence clearing Hope of her crime. This is the second trip to the big house for Kristin Alfonso's character during her lifetime, and most likely not the last. As many fans remember, Hope did not fare too well during her last stint.

Bad cops are not exactly well received in prison, so you know things will get hairy for Hope from the get-go.

Things will begin to look up for Brady after she encounters a familiar face, that being Hattie, Marlena Evan's look-a-like bad girl. In prison, Hattie is not a force to be reckoned with because she just happens to be boss behind bars, so lucky break for Hope. This will be a fun and interesting story for Deidre Hall, who always delights fans when playing a dual role.

Rafe will also be visiting Hope frequently while he continues non-stop looking for a way to free his beloved girl. Sadly, Hope will spend the holidays behind bars missing out on all that traditional Horton/Brady family fun, and casting a dark shadow over the family's holidays.

Fans can also look forward to the return of another character to Salem after the first of the year. Steve and Kayla will be overjoyed to find that their beloved daughter Stephanie has returned home just in time for mom and dad's upcoming wedding ceremony.

It has not been revealed just yet how Stephanie's return will play out in the 2017 storyline, but if her character is anything like the old Stephanie things will surely heat up as we find just what Steph has been up to.

How will Hope Brady handle prison life, and will Rafe find a way to help her? Do you believe Stephanie Johnson's return will bring major chaos to Salem, and will she return alone? These are questions that will be answered in the future on "Days of Our Lives."

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