On "Days Of Our Lives," Deimos Kiriakis is not the only Salem resident looking for Chloe Lane. It turns out that Philip will also be searching for the pregnant "DOOL" character. However, his reasons are different and he will have more luck finding her.

Deimos looks for Chloe

As soap opera fans know, Deimos Kiriakis can't seem to find Chloe. After the paternity test result showed Deimos was not the father and Philip lashed out, she left Salem. More recently, Nicole Walker told Deimos that he was really the father of her baby. This resulted in Vincent Irizarry's character becoming angry and determined to find the pregnant woman.

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that he will even interrogate her mother, Nancy Wesley.

Philip realizes he loves Chloe

This week, Philip Kiriakis and Brady Black will have a chat. It leads Philip to realize his true feelings for Chloe. Deciding that he wants to be with her, Philip sets out to find the missing singer.

Who will find Chloe Lane on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Even though Deimos is determined, Philip will have better luck locating Nadia Bjorlin's character on "Days Of Our Lives." This is because he knows her better. It is probably better that Philip finds her, anyway. Imagine how scary it would be for Deimos to locate Chloe. The next question is will Philip and Chloe rekindle their romance? Does she feel the same way?

Even if their feelings are mutual, will their relationship last?

Paternity test shocker on 'DOOL'

Even though Chloe Lane is scared of Victor's brother, it seems she might return to Salem. Spoilers reveal that a second paternity test is done on Chloe's baby. However, the identity of the baby daddy is absolutely shocking.

The actress did not say who the father is, but she did reveal in an interview that she was shocked. Bjorlin added that she never would have guessed this individual as being the daddy.

Who do you think is the father of Chloe's baby on "Days Of Our Lives?" Will Philip rekindle his relationship with the singer?Keep watching the NBC soap opera to find out.

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