"Days Of Our Lives" fans just found out the identity of Chloe Lane's (Nadia Bjorlin) baby daddy. It came as a shock that it was Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian). It was even more surprising to find out that Chloe isn't the mother, but that it is Nicole Walker's (Arianne Zucker) baby. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry) will continue to want answers and will do anything to get them.

Philip Kiriakis tempted to tell Nicole the truth

Chloe told Philip the truth about Daniel and Nicole being the parents of her unborn child.

Even though Chloe doesn't want to tell Nicole because she is with Deimos, Philip Kiriakis disagrees. John-Paul Lavoisier's character told Chloe that it was Nicole's baby and she had to know.

Philip promises Chloe he won't say a word to Deimos and Nicole

NBC released an extended fall preview clip, which shows Nicole begging Philip for the truth on "Days Of Our Lives." However, on the phone with Chloe, he promises he won't say anything, especially to Deimos Kiriakis and Nicole Walker. Deimos overhears this and takes matters into his own hands.

Deimos holds Philip hostage on 'Days Of Our Lives'

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that Deimos will want the truth. He decides to hold Philip hostage and demands to know who the baby daddy is. He probably thinks he is still the father. Image his surprise if he finds out that Daniel and Nicole are the parents of the unborn child.

Will Nicole Walker find out the truth?

Nicole can't have children of her own, but it turns out that Chloe being a surrogate actually led to some success.

Her last attempt was done after Daniel's death on "Days Of Our Lives." She didn't tell Nicole, so she really has no clue that she is the biological mother. Eventually, she will find out. Executive producer Ken Corday teased that Nicole would have a "baby story" coming up. Even though Chloe doesn't like Deimos, she has no right to keep Nicole from her baby.

What do you think will happen with Philip, Chloe, Deimos, and Nicole on "Days Of Our Lives"?

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