Days Of Our Lives” spoilers for the week of November 21 tease that there are juicy moments on the way that fans will not want to miss. Adrienne is facing big moments as Justin tries to stop her wedding to Lucas and Theresa has broken Brady's heart by leaving him and Tate behind. Abigail has revealed to Jennifer that she's still alive and Hope is facing a lengthy jail sentence. Where do things head from here?

Abigail's return shocked Jennifer

According to “Days of Our Lives” spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Abigail will insist that Jennifer keep it to herself that her daughter is still alive and has returned to Salem.

The friendship between Gabi and Chad is shifting from friendship to romance, and while Abigail is upset about this, she is determined to stay hidden for now.

Justin showed up at Adrienne and Lucas' wedding and she is facing a big decision about which man she really wants to be with going forward. However, “Days of Our Lives” spoilers indicate that things will stop not because of this decision, but because she will collapse. Soap Central shares that both Lucas and Justin will be desperate to help her and it sounds likely that she has a big battle to face in her recovery.

Hope's sentencing for Stefano's murder stunned her loved ones

Hope is headed to prison and she will get a shocker when she thinks she sees Marlena behind bars as well. “Days of Our Lives” spoilers note that this will turn out to be Hattie, a Marlena lookalike who shook things up in Salem years ago. Rafe and Shawn will be desperate to find a way to free Hope, but this will be no easy task.

Jade has told Joey that she is pregnant and he has shared the shocking news with Kayla and Steve.

There will be some strong reactions to this news this week, and “Days of Our Lives” spoilers note that there is drama related to Abe, Valerie, and Theo on the way as well. Steve and Paul will be doing some investigating into the Hernandez family business and JJ will try to get some help and support from Rafe as he scrambles to fix things with Gabi.

How long will Abigail stay hidden? How will Hope regain her freedom?

Will Adrienne recover and will she ultimately choose Lucas or Justin? There are no new episodes of “Days of Our Lives” ahead on Thursday or Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but spoilers share that the early part of the week will be jam-packed with action that fans won't want to miss.

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