"Days Of Our Lives" fans were disappointed that Kate Mansi left the NBC soap opera. Instead of killing Abigail Devereaux DiMera off, the writers chose to recast the part. It has been a few months since viewers have seen or heard from Abby. It turns out that Marci Miller, who will play the new Abby, will debut sooner than fans thought.

Abigail's storyline on 'Days Of Our Lives'

The final scenes in which Kate Mansi appeared as Abigail Devereaux DiMera included her having a psychological breakdown. Admitted to a mental health facility, she didn't get better, only worse. Finally, she set a fire and fled.

Andre DiMera, portrayed by Thaao Penghlis, allegedly saw Abby after her escape, but was unable to stop her. He set it up so Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn), JJ Devereaux (Casey Moss), and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) believed she died in a plane crash. "DOOL" fans just don't know what he gets out of it.

Farewell to Kate Mansi

"Days Of Our Lives" actress Kate Mansi gave fans an emotional farewell on Instagram. Her character had been through a lot. Instead of killing Abigail in the NBC soap opera, the writers decided to cast another actress to play the role. However, it took a long time before they finally found the right girl, which is why Abby has been missing for so long.

Marci Miller's original debut details

The actress replacing Kate Mansi is Marci Miller. When Abigail was hospitalized after the fire, she had a bandage over her entire face. This is what is allegedly explaining why Abby will look different when she returns to Salem. It was previously reported by several sources that Miller would debut on "DOOL" around Christmas 2016.

However, it turns out that she is going to be introduced a lot sooner.

The new Abigail returns to 'DOOL' on November 10

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, it is revealed that Marci Miller will first appear on television screens as Abby on November 10. It isn't known how or why she will return to Salem.

Fans are also not sure how Andre DiMera is involved.

What to expect when Abigail Devereaux DiMera returns

It will be interesting to find out if Abigail is better or not. Will "Chabby" finally reunite and stay together for good this time? Will she be able to be a good mother to baby Thomas? Where has she been and why did she run away?

Keep watching "Days Of Our Lives" on NBC to find out what will happen next.

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