"Dancing with the Stars" celebrity Terra Jolé and her partner Sasha Farber are dancing in the semi-finals on Monday, November 14, along with four other couples. At the end of the episode, one couple will be eliminated and will not go to the finals. Viewers always feel sorry for the couple who is eliminated just one week short of the finals. The competition is so close this season that it is hard to predict who might win the Mirrorball Trophy and who will be eliminated during the semi-finals.

Terra Jolé

Terra Jolé, "Little Women: L.A." star, is the first little person to ever compete on "Dancing With The Stars." The 36-year-old reality star had just delivered a baby girl three weeks before she started dancing on the ABC popular dance competition show. She and her partner, Sasha Farber, 33, have avoided elimination every week so far. Hopefully, their streak will continue. During the semi-final episode, Terra and Sasha will perform a rumba. During the trio dance, Artem Chigvintsev is returning to tango with Terra and Sasha.

The Charleston last week was one of the fastest dances Terra has done. She admits it was quite risky because of her hernias. Even with the flips and twists throughout her dances, the reality star says she knows she will pay for it later, but it has been worth it. She admits she is pushing herself to the limit. As an extra precaution, the little person is now wearing a brace.

Jolé's scores

Jolé has definitely improved during her time on "Dancing with the Stars." She did not get very high scores during the first several weeks of the competition.

She and her partner were in jeopardy more than once. Apparently, the couple's fans have been voting for them and have been keeping them safe from elimination. Besides learning the ballroom dances, Terra confessed that the experience has given her confidence and strength that she didn't even know she had. She has noticed that she can push through challenges. Terra wants to make it to the finals next week.

Do you think she will move on? Watch "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC on Monday, November 14 to see if she does.

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