"SNL" alumni Dana Carvey reprised his legendary role as church lady this weekend to weigh-in on the contentious 2016 race to the White House. Appearing as a guest on the “Weekend Update” spot, the acid-tongued church lady quickly zeroed in on host Colin Jost for staying up late to make jokes about Anthony’s weiner. The silver-haired, holier-than-thou, saintly woman shared a few thoughts on the election. Church lady lamented it was too bad Jesus was not on the ballot, since one candidate was a bitter female android from the 90’s -- while the other was a big tummy, orange head riverboat gambler.

Carvey’s comical sketch ended with a rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World,” complete with a satirical slideshow. Photos such a bare-chested Vladimir Putin riding horseback, and a sleazy, smiley-faced Anthony Weiner kept viewers in stitches.

Another "SNL" alumni and die-hard Cubs fan, Bill Murray, along with Chicago Cubs world champions Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler also dropped in for some light-hearted fun, and continued the celebration. It was nice a break from all the toxic waste left by the political circus going on at present.

Comedy’s cast of characters

A longtime favorite, the last time Carvey appeared on "SNL" was in May as church lady to add some rib-bruising comedy to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

His church lady character was made famous in the late 1980’s while a regular on "SNL." Bill Murray was part of the Night Ready for Prime-time Players, and enjoyed the earlier success of "Saturday Night Live"in the 1970’s.

‘Saturday Night Live’ season 42

So far, "SNL"is pulling out all the stops with guests, sketches, and musical guests.

Fans of the show must be wondering who will the powers-that-be bring back next. Is it possible Will Ferrell will come back to resurrect his George W. Bush character? What about Jay Pharoah returning as Barack Obama? Maybe Tina Fey will show up to voice her opinion, one way or another. Either way, it has been another breakout season for the Saturday night comedy staple.

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