The Youtube channel “Team Coco” has posted a new video from Conan O’Brien’s late-night TV talk show “Conan”, featuring the segment titled “Clueless Gamer”. In it, he and guest actor Elijah Wood (who is best known as playing Frodo in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) got to play “Final Fantasy XV”, the latest title in the long running "Final Fantasy" role playing video game series. The two of them (O’Brien in particular) were left rather unimpressed, however.

‘Middle Earth Entourage’

While both the host and the guest Actor were rather excited to play this latest release in the series, the excitement turned to frustration and boredom rather quickly.

Keeping with the humorous tone of the segment, host Conan O’Brien made fun of certain aspects of the games story, such as how a magical crystal is central to the game’s plot. This made Conan draw parallels between it and the One Ring from "Lord of the Rings", which amused the guest actor and made the audience giggle.

O’Brien further continued his mockery of the game, by comparing the protagonist and his companions to a boy band, even calling the game an “Entourage” version of Middle Earth. The host also made fun of a seemingly boring scene in which the characters have to push a vehicle that broke down on a road in an interactive sequence (with O’Brien questioning its very existence in the game to begin with).

Other aspects that were mocked included the characters wearing leather outfits while strolling through a desert environment, the uneventful pace of the game (the comedian suggested the game should be called “Wait For Your Death In Real Time”), and a scene in which the male characters admire a dress in a window.

Without Conan O’Brien's knowledge, some of the developers that worked on Final Fantasy XV were outside the studio in which the episode was being filmed, watching his reaction.

After he found out about this, he humorously shouted at them, asking what the purpose of the game was and calling them mass-murderers of people’s time. He then ended by saying they did a good job with the game.

A clueless gamer

The first “Clueless Gamer” segment appeared in 2012, and many more episodes have appeared since then. The segment consists of host Conan O’Brien playing Video Games. While O’Brien admits he does not play video games a lot and does not particularly like them, he also says he's the best person to review them.

This leads to many humorous situations.

Joining him in the sketch is Aaron Bleyaert, who Conan describes as his friend and assistant in “all things web”. A common joke in the series involves O’Brien humorously berating Aaron for being geekish and knowing a lot of stuff about video games, things that O’Brien is quite oblivious of. Actors, singers and other Celebrities also guest star on occasion.

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