Miley Cyrus (23) and Liam Hemsworth (26) are engaged, and the Aussie actor wants to make it official, but his older brotherChris (33) is opposed to their future marriage.He thinks the LGBT activist is a controversial girl and she will break his heart. Further, Chris believes that neither is ready for such an important commitment. This news surprised everyone because the pop star gets along with her soon-to-be new family, including Chris Hemsworth and his wife, the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky (40), who is openly bisexual like Miley.


The "Rush" star does not want his brother to marry Miley, but the important thing is what ultimately makes Liam -- who continues his engagementwith the pop star, ignoring the advice of his older brother -- happy. The "Paranoia" star gave an interview to GQ magazine where he revealed how happy he was with the singer. They go to events together and seem very relaxed, ignoring the harassment of the press. Chris insists that Liam and Miley are not compatible and although it is true thatshe loves Liam, she is not "marriage material."

The star does not like the "The Voice" coach because she is a very high-profile celebrity and believes his younger brother cannot handle that.

In the past, the "Wrecking Ball" hit maker exhibited much of her sexuality in the media and on social media, but when she reconciled with Liam, she radically changed her attitude. She began to lead a healthy life, turned vegan, and practice yoga daily. She showed everyone that she had matured and was ready to get married.

Their future

Miley and Liam continue together despite the opinion of Chris. No one knows the exact wedding date, perhaps in April next year.

The big event could be in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Australia(and do not rule out a wedding on the beach). They still must overcome an obstacle: to improve communication between them. Miley has habits that Liam does not like, and she feels that he doesn't accept her as she is, and it is that moment when they start heavy fights between them.

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