Chelsea Houska is arguably everyone's favorite from the "Teen Mom" franchise. She really got her life together after having her daughter while she was still a teenager. Aubree changed Houska's entire life and forced her to grow up fast. While it wasn't easy, things seem to have worked out for the best.

Chelsea Houska is having a boy

Last month, Chelsea Houska married Cole DeBoer. The two announced they were pregnant over the summer and fans have been anxiously awaiting the gender reveal. Houska has been sharing her pregnancy with fans via social media and the big reveal was just released on her accounts.

According to MTV, Chelsea Houska will be welcoming a little boy with husband Cole DeBoer. Aubree will have a little brother and she is super excited to wear the title of "big sister."

The DeBoer family is excited

Things haven't always been easy for Chelsea Houska. She went through a lot with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. She remained single for several years before meeting Cole DeBoer by chance at a gas station. The two were instantly attracted to one another and they knew it was love at first sight.

Houska has allowed DeBoer to be a huge part of Aubree's life and even talked about giving her his last name. The entire family is excited about welcoming a little boy. He will join his mom and dad and big sister in a loving home. Aubree already has one sibling from her father, a little sister named Paislee.

"Teen Mom 2" will be airing a new season soon and fans will get to watch Chelsea Houska's pregnancy journey.

It has been interesting to see how she has reacted to her situation and her castmate, Jenelle Evans has reacted to her pregnancy. They both are due around the same time and while Houska announced hers first, Evans threw shade at her over the reaction she received. Since this is Houska's second child and she is now married, fans were overly happy for her when she announced. It was not the same case for Evans.

As the time draws near, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are preparing to welcome their first child together. Having a little boy will be different for Houska but she is over the moon with the news and looks forward to becoming a new mom once again.

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