Champa is a destroying god that begins to appear in the series of "Dragon Ball Super" from chapter 30. He is the brother of the destroying god Bills-sama. They have the same skin color, they also have the same clothes and accessories, such as a necklace, bracelets, earrings, the same shirt, pants, and boots. They have a similar body. The difference between the two is that Champa is fat and Bills is thin.

Guided by angels

These gods are guided by the angels Vaddos-sama and Wiss-sama. A few days ago Akira Toriyama revealed the role of these characters in the series, saying that their role is to take care of these and to make sure they do their respective works - ''destroy planets.''

Champa-sama was the one who came yp with the idea to create a tournament since this one was interested in the Super Spheres of the Dragon and in the planet Earth that is in universe 6.


Champa pushed the idea since the planet Earth of universe 7 was Destroyed by the omnipotent Zeno-sama. All this was due to the fact that he traveled to planet Earth and ate some of the food cooked by Bulma-sam, Vegeta's wife.


He is the super saiyajin warrior of the planet Vegeta, who defended this planet for years since Major Freezer was always on the march to destroy that planet. Bardock appeared in the saga of "Dragon Ball". At that time there was no talk of any god, neither Goku nor Prince Vegeta.

There were not many characters as they exist now in the series "Dragon Ball Super."

Bardock's appearance is very similar to his son Goku. On his face Bardock has a star; the clothes he wears are similar to the ones used by Prince Vegeta and the hair is the same as that of his son Goku.

Bardock had not appeared for 21 years of what has been the Dragon Ball anime. Akira has taken this into account so that he now appears in the next saga that is approaching in a few weeks. What is said of Bardock is that he will appear as a villain, not as the character who was in the previous saga.

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This character will reach the land where Goku and his friends live alongside other gods who have the purpose to attack the earth and destroy it.