Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are probably the most loved couple in the "Teen Mom" franchise. They began their journey as teenagers and became pregnant with their first daughter, Carly. After much debate, Catelynn decided adoption was best for her and Tyler. As the show chronicled their struggles and the decision to give Carly a better life, fans around the world fell in love with the selfless couple.

After being together for several years, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra found out they were expecting once again.

This time, they decided to raise their child. In January of 2015, Lowell gave birth to Novalee. "Teen Mom OG" has chronicled the struggle with postpartum depression Catelynn has battled. It has been hard on her, forcing a stint in rehab back in May and into June. She has returned home but it seems that getting on her feet again is hard.

Is Catelynn Lowell pregnant again?

Rumors have been circulating that Catelynn Lowell may be pregnant again after a photo she shared on Instagram was taken the wrong way.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Catelynn made a statement confirming she was not expecting another child with her husband, Tyler Baltierra. She miscommunicated her message with the photo and apologized to fans. Lowell confirmed it would be a few years before they would be expanding their family.

Catelynn continues to work at beating postpartum depression

"Teen Mom OG" fans have been especially hard on Catelynn this season.

She chronicled her trip to rehab but once she returned home, her desire to get better seemed to fade. It was definitely causing some issues between her and her husband. Tyler felt like he was doing it all and called her out on leaving their daughter with her mother nearly every single day.

Things between the couple seem to be better and Catelynn Lowell has been doing more on social media than ever before.

News that she currently is not pregnant seemed to give fans some relief. After the battle she fought against postpartum depression, the most important thing is getting healthy for her daughter now. Lowell is working on it and doing much better now according to various reports.

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