Audiences first met Osric with his role as the Tibetan monk in Roland Emmerich's film "2012," and some know him from the comedy film "Fun Size." Most love Osric for his hugely popular role as Kevin Tran in seasons seven through 11 of "Supernatural." This Vancouver, Canada-born actor has made his way into the hearts of so many fans. Catch up with him and his many passions.

Colleen Bement: I want to talk about "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency." What can you share about your experience filming?

Osric Chau: It's super fun. I think my favorite part of the experience is how much they try to bring us all together. It's a big ensemble cast because we follow very different story lines, they try really hard to make it a community, and so they have all these meet ups, and have each other over for dinner; because a lot of them are from out of town, they hang out. That's really cool to have that bonding experience, and you don't always get that with a TV show.

Kind of feels like shades of "Supernatural."

How Kevin Tran could come back to 'Supernatural'

CB: Of course we're going to talk about my favorite show "Supernatural." If you could write yourself back into the Winchester's lives, how would you do it?

OC: At this point, they would have to go into a story arc involving heaven. Now that I'm up in heaven, I want to stay there. If they've gone to Hell, they can certainly go back to Heaven again.

It's not a perfect place; there are things that happen, and if Kevin can be their eyes and ears up there; that would be pretty damn cool.

CB: What inspires you to be one of the best-dressed actors at the "Supernatural" conventions? Your cosplay and T-shirts are amazing.

OC: I never would have picked myself for that. I don't know, I get bored easily and for me when I look at photos, especially the photo ops, it helps me remember when it was.

I notice when I'm wearing the same thing, I can't quite remember, but the cosplay is a dead giveaway. It becomes like a collector's item in my eyes; I will remember that specific moment.

Osric and his epic cosplay

CB: How do you come up with those stellar costumes?

OC: The cosplay I have some really creative people and very skilled cosplayers help me out. It's been fun, but unfortunately, it takes a little too much time, and I've needed to kind of step back and focus on acting, auditioning, and writing again 

CB: Writing again?

OC: I've been writing for a while now, it's just screenplays and stuff.

Writing as a means to produce, as a means to act. You're always auditioning and stuff, but as an actor, or any facet of filmmaking, we're all storytellers. The purest sense in that is writing, so I want to practice more. At some point, I'll finish a screenplay enough that I like enough and I will try to make that happen.

He will be a big part of 'Dirk Gently' season two

CB: What are you working on lately?

OC: Right now I'm just making a big PR push with "Dirk Gently" since it's coming out every Saturday until December 10th. December 11th it is releasing worldwide, except for America, it will have already been released.

If we get a season two, I'll be a very integral part of season two, which I'm very excited for. With a couple of friends, we're trying to finish a feature length script right now that we can hopefully film before season two of "Dirk Gently." 

CB: How do you keep yourself close to friends and family when you're traveling?

OC: I don't. I'm always away from them. For the most part, I'm married to my work. I'm so obsessed with doing everything that I'm doing. I'm 30, but I'm still feeling that I'm young enough. I have the energy to travel, so I should. Now is the time to really explore and do all the crazy things that I have the energy for now, that I probably won't later on.

I don't spend enough time with friends and family. My best friend I'll maybe once every one or two years, which is weird, but it's kind of how it works. The friends that I hang out with the most are the people I work with.

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