If you love "Gilmore Girls," then you are probably like a lot of fans and can't wait for the new season. Everyone thought this show was over, but it is now returning, and viewers can't wait! Now there is more than one way to catch up on "Gilmore Girls." It was already on Netflix, but a lot of people aren't paying for this service. Now if you have UP TV, there is a way you can watch it all for free!

How can you catch up with Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory?

Starting on Friday, November 18 you can watch UP and catch up with every single episode that ever aired of this great show.

There will be 153 hours non-stop of nothing but "Gilmore Girls." That is a lot of great episodes to watch! This is the weekend before Thanksgiving when a lot of people will have the time to watch the show.

For seven days, you can watch "Gilmore Girls," but that isn't it! They are also giving away over 153 prizes. Fans of this show can't wait to watch it. It will all start airing on with season one on Friday, Nov. 18 at 6 PM ET! It will be the perfect time to set the DVR and give you something to watch over the holidays when you are home and off work or school.

To win the prizes, they will be doing fun trivia. UP even has a place on their website to sign up and be reminded when the fun all starts. This is all happening right before the new season with Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory is released. That will only be on Netflix and not on UP for now, but maybe someday they will get the rights to air it too.

UP has a lot of great shows like "Gilmore Girls." They air "The Tie That Binds" and "The Bates Family." This shows how much of a perfect fit adding this show is for their network.

They have already been airing reruns of it for a while now, but this will be the first time you get to watch all of them on UP.

Are you excited to watch all of "Gilmore Girls" and get caught up? What season was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss this show when it starts to air again later this month! "Gilmore Girls" fans are going crazy!

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