Carrie Fisher took on more than the Emperor in the first "Star Wars" movie. The 19-year-old had an affair with co-star Harrison Ford who was 34 and a married dad of two at the time. In memoirs more revealing than her brass bikini "The Princess Diarist" dishes on a drunken hookup which she enjoyed despite the sex being meh. It looks like that two-timer Han ain't going Solo. So many "Star Wars" jokes, so little time!

Carrie Fisher gushes on Handsome Harrison's so-so sex

Fisher had a cocaine habit and mental health issues for some time.

After a party a "sodden" Fisher recalls in "The Princess Diarist" taking a ride from Harrison Ford, literally and figuratively. That first night of passion gave her pleasurable memories despite the lackluster love-making. Due to her inexperience and dubious kissing skills and his performance in the cockpit, they failed to hit hyperspace. Evidently doing the wild thing ain't like dusting crops. But love is blind (or forgiving) and the two carried on with a 3-month liaison despite age and relationship status differences.

Carrie Fisher 'Princess Diarist' tell-all a royal embarrassment?

Off with their heads and reputations, says Princess Leia. She unabashedly describes her epic crushing on the twice-her-age two-timing Harrison. While filming the first "Star Wars: A New Hope" she had serious hots for Han Solo even though they were 16 years apart. Age and bad sex wasn't the only thing that kept them apart. Ford was married to his first wife Mary Marquardt and the couple had a couple of kids.

They divorced in 1979. Ford continued to rack up nearly as many divorces as President Donald Trump! Small wonder if Fisher's stories are anything to go by. But the revealing tell-all might be awkward nevertheless.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher imitate art

Fisher and Ford were star-crossed lovers in the three original "Star Wars" films and teamed up again as parents of the villain Kylo Ren in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." That relationship went about as well as the off-screen affair.

There are two more films in the making, Episode VIII and Episode IX. Han Solo won't be in those and you'll know why if you saw. Episode VII. But Carrie will be back as General Leia Organa.

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