Did Brooke Mueller put her twins in danger this week with her rambling road trip around Utah? This latest chapter in the sad saga of Charlie Sheen’s ex started when she shambled barefoot into a Salt Lake City bar with her seven year old twins, Bob and Max Sheen, and their nanny with her.

Were Charlie Sheen’s twins at risk during the ordeal?

Reportedly, Mueller was off-kilter and gave Charlie Sheen’s private phone number to the bartender before she argued with the kids’ nanny and all left the bar. The bartender called Sheen who made the statement, “I’m just trying to get my kids home safe.”

Utah police got involved when Brooke Mueller’s mother phoned law enforcement to ask for a “welfare check” on her grandkids.

But that wasn’t the only call that came in about Mueller and the twins. The police were also notified of an incident at a car wash with a woman and her two children that was alleged to be abusive.

Brooke Mueller’s rehab history

Mueller is living in Utah now after leaving LA in the wake of her contentious divorce, custody, and financial battle with Charlie Sheen. She’s reportedly been to rehab a shocking 20 times and rehab is what brought her to Utah. Her 20th rehab stint came in January 2016 and, at the time, Mueller blamed her fall from sobriety on the stunning announcement that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. She checked into rehab in Utah and then decided to move there with the children to continue outpatient treatment.

A video surfaced three years ago of Mueller smoking what was purported to be crack and, around the same time, Charlie Sheen’s other ex-wife Denise Richards had custody of Mueller and Sheen’s twins for a lengthy time after Mueller was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Mueller hospitalized

Utah police released a statement on the Brooke Mueller situation that read:

"On the morning of November 16, dispatchers with the Utah Department of Public Safety received a welfare check call from a woman claiming to be the mother of Brooke Mueller.

Troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol responded to the welfare check call and located Mueller, her two children and a nanny on Interstate 15 near Nephi, Utah."

The police went on to say that the children were taken from Brooke Mueller, she was transported to a local hospital, and the twins were handed over to other family members.

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