Tonight is the big CMA Awards, and you would think that nobody in country music would want to miss it, but Brett Eldredge has decided that he has something more important he wants to go to. Brett is a big country star, but he wasn't scheduled to perform or anything tonight. Taste of Country shared what Brett Eldredge thought was more important than the CMA Awards. This is actually the 50th Anniversary and should be an amazing show that country fans don't want to miss.

What does Brett Eldredge want to do instead?

He is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and now they are in game seven of the World Series.

This is because of their win last night. Brett Eldredge doesn't want to miss out on this big game, so instead, he is going to miss the big CMA Awards so that he can watch the game. Brett isn't just watching at home, though, he is actually going to the game.

Brett went to his Snapchat to share his big decision with his fans. Brett said,“It’s been my family’s dream from my grandparents all the way down to my father and my brother and I and my whole family to go to the World Series." So Brett is going to go with his family instead of going to the CMA Awards. Brett did share that he is going with his dad and brother to the game. It looks like they will have a great time together at least.

The fans are going to miss seeing Brett Eldredge on the red carpet and at the big awards.

Everyone loves to catch their favorites at the awards, but Brett won't be seen there tonight. Brett is also not nominated for any awards. If he was, then he might have to reconsider his decision. In a few years, hopefully, Brett will be such a big name in country music that there is no way he could miss the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Brett Eldredge is actually going to skip the CMA Awards so that he watch the Chicago Cubs play instead? Do you think that he is making the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the CMA Awards tonight and also the Chicago Cubs game in the World Series.

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