There's no love lost between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. The former "rhobh" star wants to set the record straight -- for good.

Brandi says she has called Lisa

In Touch Weekly reported that Vanderpump claimed that Glanville has been calling her, "begging" her for a spot on the Bravo reality TV series. Brandi says that is not true. She tells her followers on Twitter that she never calls her, and doesn't need any "extra work."

The article stated that Lisa didn't want any part of bringing Brandi back to "RHOBH" and went as far as to block her from calling her.

Apparently, Vanderpump is still upset about the "playful slap" that Brandi gave her in Season 5.

No more Brandi on 'RHOBH'

Bravo has been pretty clear about Brandi's involvement with the series moving forward. Andy Cohen, the "Real Housewife" franchise host stated that he has no plan to bring Glanville back on the show.

Even so, Brandi claims that she is doing "just fine" without the Bravo series, and has regularly been working since she left the show.

An inside source claims that Brandi shouldn't have targeted Lisa in the way she did because it "sealed her fate." Vanderpump is widely popular with the "RHOBH" fans, and "when she wants someone fired, they are gone."

Use the block function

The inside source went on to state that Brandi has been calling Lisa several times a day, to try to get her to convince Andy to bring her back to the series.

Lisa refused to take her calls and decided to block her on all her social media accounts. Lisa told Andy that, thanks to Brandi, she "got to know the block function well."

Brandi Glanville swears the whole article is a fabrication and completely untrue. She claims that Lisa Vanderpump is a liar, and shouldn't be trusted. At this point, it's getting harder to tell which "RHOBH" star is being honest with the fans.

"RHOBH" fans do you believe Brandi? Do you think she hasn't called Lisa and she made it up to look better to the fans?

"RHOBH" returns on Tuesday, December 6 on Bravo.

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