Brad Pitt showed eerie weight loss in first appearance since his split with Angelina Jolie. Pitt's gaunt face makes fans wonder if he's ill, not eating, or on what Blake Shelton called the "divorce diet." Whatever it is, it won't slow Pitt from going after Margot Robbie sources say. Pitt wanted the Australian hottie for movie projects till ex-wife Angelina put the kibosh on that. Jolie was said to be "insanely jealous" of Marion Cotillard, Brad's co-star in "Allied" as well. Word is, that's what busted up Brangelina but Cotillard said no.

Scary skinny Brad Pitt shopping around, grieving, or both?

Angelina Jolie has always, famously, had weight problems. She was rumored to have gotten down below 90 pounds. It's was posited that the mom of six suffered from eating disorders which drove a wedge between she and Brad. Her too-thin weight was very stressful for him. But now dad's the one who looks like he's anorexic in his first public appearance with Julie Roberts since the divorce.

Pitt's got an angular face but since the breakup, it appears cavernous, accentuates the wandering eye and makes him look ill. It's reminiscent of Blake Shelton and his remarkable 40-lb weight loss after divorcing Miranda Lambert. Is the "Fight Club" star slimming down for the dating scene or is Brangelina anxiety behind it?

Brad Pitt woos Margot Robbie for business or pleasure?

Word on the street is that Pitt's been interested in Robbie before, but as an actress for his Plan B Film company.

Is it directorial interest only or is the 52-year-old father romantically inclined toward Robbie who is half his age? The 26-year-old Margot is happily in love with director Tom Ackerley. The drama supposedly came in when Angelina got suspicious of her husband and wondered if the eye was wandering toward the young actress. Reportedly, Jolie was worried about an affair and hired a detective to spy on her hubby when he was working on "Allied" with Marion Cotillard.

When Marion announced she was pregnant, the crowd went nuts. But those cheating rumors were squashed when Cotillard made it clear that the baby was fathered by her partner Guillaume Canet with whom she shares a child and is very happy.

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