Boruto's Manga still lacks great surprises, because the story is still reviewing the events of the last film of the blonde ninja, in which we can see his son as the great protagonist. Since the announcement of the manga 7 of "Boturo: Next Generation," interesting revelations have emerged, showing us part of what we will see in this new manga, which will undoubtedly attract thousands and thousands of fans of the world of anime, especially those followers of "Naruto." Today, some images were revealed, and in one of those images we were very surprised to see a totally different transformation of who was known as the antagonist of the last film, we refer to Momoshiki. Next, we bring and show you the latest about the new revelations about this upcoming manga, including the new image revealed.


The new image revealed

As you can see in the gallery, the change in the design of this character is notorious and marks great differences with the transformation in the film after absorbing his protector, Kinshiki. At first glance, we notice how the villain's clothes change, since, unlike the movie, in which he wore a traditional white kariginu hunting suit, now, he has a somewhat torn tunic. It is worth emphasizing that we do not know exactly the color, since the sleeve is in black and white.

The new physical aspect of Momoshiki

The most surprising thing about this change is its physical appearance.

In the film, by absorbing his protector, the antagonist gets a greater muscle mass, becoming a robust being. On the contrary, in the manga we see a new design, which is the opposite, since his physique totally lacks musculature. Finally, another notorious physical feature has been to see those black marks on both his face, chest, and hands, which are very striking, and also his horns, which are long (unlike the horns we see in the film). The only similarities between the two designs is the Rinnegan, which is located in the same place in both the manga and the film.


Next, we will show you the progress of the manga, with some leaked information about this new manga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of it.