Black Friday deals from Blizzard

We all know that this time of year brings out the inner-orc in most holiday shoppers, as the hordes gather to trample the competition and get the best possible deals and discounts. Whether they drain the life of their competition to snag the last items in stock, bulldoze and overwhelm them like a swarm of Murlocs, or summon an army of Silver-Hand recruits to hold the fort, online gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment has their own Black Friday deals going on for a number of their games -- an ideal alternative for the gamer in your life.

As an added bonus, everything can be purchased on Blizzard's client without having to leave your home, so, you can be for the horde without being among the horde.


The Windows/PC format of "Overwatch: Origins Edition" has been slashed by 40%. At $34.99, it is the same price as the console version. While shoppers can purchase online through, retailers like GameStop also have the game available for purchase. Other alternatives for purchase include both the PlayStation and Xbox store.

'World of Warcraft,' 'StarCraft 2,' and 'Heroes of the Storm'

As the flagship franchise, "World of Warcraft" is offering every expansion through to "Warlords of Draenor" for $4.99. This drop in price is certainly a far cry from the original sale price of $19.99, however, the expansion for "Legion" is sold separately.

"StarCraft 2's" first two chapters ("Wings of Liberty," "Heart of the Swarm") are on sale for $9.99 each, while the third chapter ("Legacy of the Void") is priced at $19.99.

"Heroes of the Storm" is offering two discount bundles for this free-to-play game.

"Legends of the Nexus" is the first bundle, which includes the heroes Kerrigan, Tassadar, and Leoric. One skin and two mounts per character can be yours for $39.99 (down from $86.42).

As the second bundle, "Altered War" features Sonya, Arthas, Illidan, Tyrande, and Sylvanas heroes, along with the Wrath Sonya, Crown Prince Arthas, Shan’do Illidan, Blood Elf Tyrande, and Ranger General Sylvanas skins (all on sale for $9.99, and down from $82.90).

'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft'

While not exclusively a part of Black Friday 2016, the new expansion for the online card game Hearthstone can be pre-purchased before the eventual release of the expansion sometime early in December.

For $49.99, players can purchase 50 digital packs of the expansion ("Mean Streets of Gadgetzan") which will be available to open, and will become playable once the expansion officially launches.

So, while everyone is going berserk over big TV's, laptops, and other electronics, Blizzard gamers will have plenty of sales, and plenty of content to keep them occupied over the long holiday weekend. Blizzard's Black Friday deals are valid through November 28th.

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