Wendy Williams is known for saying things that some would only dream of thinking. This time around, though, the controversial talk show host has said some things about Blac Chyna and her relationship with Rob Kardashian that may have crossed a few lines. Now Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni are really, really mad and Toni even says she's headed to New York to sue Wendy for the things she has said.

Wendy Williams takes shots at Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni

Wendy recently blasted Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian during a segment because she thinks they are "cashing in" on Chyna's pregnancy with a Kardashian baby.

Wendy went in on Rob, whom she says used to have more confidence and was smarter when his family first became famous. Then Williams went on to say that Rob has "given up."

Then Wendy Williams went after Blac Chyna, claiming that she "comes from the world of the pole" as if her past as a stripper means that she isn't worthy of a relationship with a Kardashian. Wendy said she feels like Chyna's pregnancy with Rob Kardashian's baby is a "great come up" for her. Then she went on to say that Rob's fiance must be taking advantage of all the perks that come along with being part of the famous reality TV family.

Wendy even claimed that Chyna wasn't even attracted to Rob and was only with him for the come up.

Wendy accused Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni of using other people in order to get famous. She literally accused both women of using those who don't realize what is going on. This didn't go over well with Chyna or Toni and both are steaming mad.

Blac Chyna responded to Wendy, Toni threatens to sue

Blac Chyna has already lashed out on social media and she came hard for Wendy Williams, calling her a "400 pound a** b***h." Then Chyna defended her relationship with Rob and said that she loved him for being him and asked Wendy if she would prefer that Rob be more like Wendy's husband Kevin.

Tokyo Toni also responded to Friday's segment on "The Wendy Williams Show." Toni claimed that Wendy was causing a lot of stress for her with her constant claims that she was using people and trying to remain relevant. Toni said she was coming to New York to sue the talk show host for slander because the things she was saying on her show were causing Toni so much stress that she was losing time at work over it.

Then she told Wendy to just leave her alone.

Whether or not Tokyo Toni is really going to sue Wendy Williams remains to be seen. It's pretty safe to say that neither she or Blac Chyna will be guests on her show any time soon.

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