Season 11 of “The Voice” just entered the week of the Live Playoffs, revealing the top twelve contestants. As the top 20 performed, America voted for their favorites when selecting the final twelve. Two contestants from each team remained as a result of those votes while the coaches chose a final member to remain. It was a difficult decision for all the coaches as some impressive performers sang on the show for the last time. Among the greats to continue their journey is Billy Gilman, a returning child star on Adam Levine’s team.

His performance of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” made history and moved millions to ensure the contestant to continue his journey on the show.

Billy Gilman’s stunning performances conquers the crowd

Billy Gilman made a lasting impression on “The Voice” as he inched closer to victory on the show. As the top 20 hopefuls performed to get into the final 12, Gilman gave an emotional performance that left a lasting impression. Not only was his coach, Adam Levine, blown away by the performance but also his main rival, Blake Shelton, stated that choosing Gilman to move on is a “no-brainer.” Billy was voted through to the top twelve by America.

Being a favorite on the show, Gilman appears to be a frontrunner to win and make a comeback as a former child star.

Former country star Billy Gilman shows off his powerful voice

Billy Gilman heard “no” so many times throughout his young career and felt apprehensive about moving forward to the blind auditions on “The Voice.” The former child star, who came out as a gay man several years ago gave several emotional performances that seemed effortless.

Gilman was quoted as saying “To finally be here at a moment where I can sing the way I so badly wanted to and to finally stand here with you is truthfully such an honor.”

Gilman triumphed over Brenda Lee to be the youngest artist to have a Top 40 country song when he was just age 12, starting his career in country music. He sang “Count on Me” for the "Stuart Little 2" soundtrack, and had two albums on the Billboard’s Top Ten.

Gilman faced many battles in his career, re-branding himself from country music star to pop artist and finding his way on “The Voice.” His coach Adam Levine believes that Gilman can be the next winner on the show with his incredible crooning voice.

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