Bill Cosby believes he can resume his career in entertainment after his legal battle is over. He is looking forward to getting back to entertaining. Cosby has lost sponsors and has been stripped of his honors and awards from companies and colleges. Television networks have distanced themselves from the disgraced star. Many of his business arrangements have been canceled since his legal troubles began. Some of his friends and celebrity contacts have turned their backs on him because of the alleged sexual assaults.

Not only has the comedian been dealing with all those things, but he has also had a problem with his eyes and memory. In spite of all that, he believes he can make a comeback.

Cosby wants to work again

On Thursday, November 10, Cosby's attorney Angela Agrusa argued before a Massachusetts judge that there is no reason to believe that Cosby won't be able to resume his career after he is cleared from all liability and charges. She told the judge if sealed information is released to the public, it would negatively affect employment possibilities for Cosby in the future.

Cosby's accusers contend that Cosby has no prospect for employment in the future and he wouldn't experience any negative impact from the release of the sealed information.

Eye problem and memory decline

The 79-year-old comedian has used his degenerative eye condition and memory decline as excuses for not participating in his own defense. It is ironic that he insists his failing health will not keep him from resuming his career in entertainment.

Cosby's attorney cites Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles as examples to support her claim that Cosby can work again as a visually impaired entertainer.

Cosby's legal troubles

Bill Cosby has been in the headlines since 2014 for allegedly sexual assaulting about 60 women over several decades. The entertainer has been the subject of publicized sexual assault allegations dating as far back as the 1960s. He has insisted on his innocence, but his reputation and character have been destroyed.

At Cosby's age and failing health, it is possible that he can work again. However, it is highly unlikely that the comedian can make people laugh again.

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