Thanksgiving Day is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Canada and the US. Canadians celebrate this day on the second Monday of October, while Americans celebrate this day on the fourth Thursday of November. In several parts of the UK, Thanksgiving has become a part of culture. People love to celebrate it in a secular manner. If you have nothing special to do and want to make this day unforgettable, then this list of films set around Thanksgiving is right for you.

'Jack and Jill'

Released in 2011, “Jack and Jill” is a successful Hollywood film. Its director is Dennis Dugan, and the script writers are Steve Koren and Adam Sandler.

The film stars Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino. It was released in November 2011 under the banner of Columbia Pictures. It is one of the finest movies of all time. “Jack and Jill” broke many records, and won more than seven "Razzie Awards." The movie is about fraternal twins named Jack and Jill Sadelstein. They grow up in the US, and are known for their strange lifestyle. Eugenio Derbez, Tim Meadows, Nick Swardson, and Allen Covert have played supporting characters in this film.

'American Son'

American Son” is a 2008 drama film. Its director is Neil Abramson. It stars Nick Cannon, Melonie Diaz, and Matt O'Leary in the main characters. The movie is about a young man named Mike. He returns home to California after a business trip.

All of a sudden his life changes, and he deals with troublesome home life. The movie was premiered at the “2008 Sundance Film Festival.” This man falls in love with an Iraqi girl. It is basically a love story where Mike develops new relationships. His girlfriend, Christina (Melonie Diaz), cheats on him.

'A Family Thanksgiving'

A Family Thanksgiving” was released in 2010. Its director is Neill Fearnley. It is the story of a trial attorney, Claudia (played by Daphne Zuniga). She completes her graduation from Harvard Law School, and begins her professional life. She is a female with pleasant and impressive personality.

She asks her sibling to visit her on Thanksgiving Day. She prepares apple pie for her family, and they spend quality time together. Here the supporting characters have been played by Daphne Zuniga, Faye Dunaway, Gina Holden, and Dan Payne. The movie did very good business at the box office.

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