Americans have a long time obsession with British shows. How many "Doctor Who" fans can you name? Several fans have been waiting for "Sherlock" to return with season 4. John Barrowman has wowed audiences as Jack Harkness on "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood." Whatever the show, one thing is clear, American fans love British television. But it can be especially hard waiting months after UK fans for the shows to air. So when will your favorite shows air on BBC America?

When do your favorite BBC America shows return?

"Planet Earth 2" premiered in the UK November 6, but it won't come to America until January 28 2017. The sequel took over three years to film in 40 different countries with 117 filming trips. If you loved "Planet Earth," the sequel will be worth the wait with even more extraordinary footage. Meanwhile, season 2 of "The Last Kingdom" will return in 2017. A premiere date has yet to be released. The show, based on the series "The Saxon Stories" by Bernard Cornwell, will continue the story of Uhtred and pick up in 878 during chaos and rebellion.

Fans favorite detective "Sherlock" will return with season 4 on January 1st, 2017, airing on the same day for both the UK and the US. The premiere episode will be entitled "The Six Thatchers," and the season will consist of three episodes. "Sherlock" himself, Benedict Cumberbatch teases that the new season will be an emotional roller coaster.

"Orphan Black" was renewed for a fifth and final season to air in 2017.

Lead Tatiana Maslany teases that each of her characters will receive their own endings, not all of them happy ones. The showrunners tease that season 5 will extend contemporary science with a new branch, and add a genetic copy instead of new clones. The long awaited Christmas special of "Doctor Who" will air in December with the title of "The Return of Doctor Mystery." Season 10 will air in 2017 with the doctor (Peter Capaldi) having a new companion, Bill (Pearl Mackie), and the addition of a mysterious character called the Landlord.

New shows to watch on BBC America

"Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" (adaptation of Douglas Adams' novel), premiered October 22 on BBC America. The eccentric and odd show follows a detective named Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) as he forces Todd (Elijah Wood) into being his assistant with the claim that everything is connected and the universe wants them to solve cases. Samuel Barnett considers Dirk to be an Anti-Sherlock, a fitting description since the detective doesn't actually find clues, but uses coincidences from the universe to solve cases.

"Doctor Who" spin-off "Class" is from YA author Patrick Ness, and premiered October 22 in the UK and Canada, but won't premiere in the US until spring of 2017.

The spin-off will focus on a long time part of the "Doctor Who" universe, Coal Hill Academy. The premiere will include a cameo from the Doctor (Peter Capaldi).The show will follow students as they go up against standard monsters, aliens, and the like. Executive Producer Steven Moffat has described the show as a British "Buffy."

The new year on BBC America will have a lot of old and new favorites. Which British show are you most excited for?

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