Natalie Negrotti and James Huling fell for one another during “Big Brother 18” and they have managed to stay together as a couple outside of the house despite having to cope with a long-distance relationship. Natalie and James, dubbed “Jatalie” by their supporters, have had fans buzzing quite a bit lately and at moments, some worried that was some trouble brewing between the two “BB18” stars. Luckily, it looks like all is well between the two and everybody is anxious to see when they'll be able to reunite.

James recently visited Natalie in New Jersey

As “Big Brother 18” fans know, James Huling lives in Texas and Natalie Negrotti is in New Jersey. The two spent quite a bit of time together after the “BB18” finale, but now they are back in their respective hometowns. Jatalie fans had been anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving weekend, as James was slated to visit Natalie as she tackled a big New York Jets cheerleader appearance.

Huling did indeed fly to New Jersey to see Negrotti and the “BB18” stars shared some fun updates.

They also pulled a massive prank off on not only Jatalie fans, but their family and friends as well, and this one generated quite the stir. They set up a fake engagement, posting photos online that showed James proposing. Natalie let everybody go wild for a few hours before letting them know that this was indeed a prank and they were not engaged.

The Jatalie visit was cut short, but they're still together

“Big Brother 18” fans expected to see more of James and Natalie together throughout the rest of the weekend, but Huling ending up heading home as the Jets alumni game was playing out in a move that seemed quite unexpected. Speculation about a fight or even a split ran rampant among some Jatalie folks and it took a while before any clarity emerged.

Despite the worries of some “BB18” fans that James and Natalie were in trouble as a couple, it seems that Huling needed to head back to Texas due to a business issue and things seem to be just fine in his relationship with Negrotti. It didn't take long before the two were bantering and joking with one another on social media, and then she shared some updates about a fabulous early Christmas present that her boyfriend sent her.

Huling sent Negrotti a fantastic early Christmas gift

Huling, with some guidance from fellow “Big Brother 18” cast member Michelle “Meech” Meyer, bought Negrotti a big box of camera equipment, including a Canon digital camera and other components. She shared the scoop on the gift via her Snapchat and noted that now she'll be able to start uploading lots of YouTube videos, praising her boyfriend for the awesome gift.

Jatalie fans were definitely disappointed that the big weekend in New Jersey for the two seemed to be cut short.

However, there has been some talk that Huling and Negrotti may be back together again soon to celebrate Christmas and the couple's "Big Brother 18" supporters will be anxious to see what comes next for them. Do you think that James Huling and Natalie Negrotti will be able to make their relationship work despite the distance factor?

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