"Battlefield 1" has wanted the atmosphere to recover the protagonist. World War I, is a perfect starting point for a great war shooter. Due to its variety of situations and epic moments, its catalog of unusual weapons, and its recognizable stages. It is not surprising that since its first trailer, "battlefield 1" has received the backing of fans of the genre. However, if the new Battlefield tried to be realistic, the pace of the games would be much slower than usual in modern war games, weapons would fail more often, while the survival rate would be much lower. How did developers solve it? The Swedish developer has found a perfect balance (the look is historical, with a verisimilitude that frightens), but the behavior is closer to the current FPS.

With this we have solved one of our greatest concerns. Just a few hours ago, a new game update for Autumn has been revealed, which brings important changes. Lets see below.

Autumn update with major changes

As it is known, "Battlefield 1" has been on sale since last October, so the developers have been working hard to make its first major update available on PS4, PC and Xbox One, with major changes.

Changes and improvements

The complete list of changes and upgrades to the update is huge. Today, we will summarize some of the most prominent arrangements. The Fall update for "Battlefield 1" includes campaign improvements, maps, gameplay, conquest mode, operations and vehicles, among many other sections.

These changes range from balance in weapons and vehicles, to bug fixes in game maps and an adjustment in the accuracy of some weapons. It is good to say that the sound and performance issues, with artificial intelligence in the main campaign, have also been corrected with the "Battlefield 1" update.

Next, we will show you the progress of this new game, with some leaked information about the new update and changes. Hopefully, overall, these new updates will vastly improve the gaming experience for gamers, and hopefully the gaming experience as a whole will benefit from these updates.

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