Baron Trump and mom Melania had a mother-son lunch date filled with commotion as they made their way into New York's famous pizza spot, Serafina. "Little Donald Trump" is a nickname emerging for the youngest son of the president elect because of the uncanny resemblance to his dad, right down to the hair line.

'She's coming'... but who?

The Secret Service did their sweep before Melania and Baron Trump came through the doors sparking the interest of the customers who had no idea who was about to emerge.

They heard "she's coming," but the "she" remained a mystery until Melania walked into the eatery with her young son in tow.

Little Donald Trump

The customers sat as the Secret Service went around sweeping their detecting wands around every table and patron there. Talk about a relaxing lunch turning chaotic! Little Donald Trump is what many in the media are calling Baron today as seen in the New York Daily News recently. He appeared fascinated as all eyes turned his way both on the street and inside the eatery.

According to TMZ, the two had a table by the pizza ovens. Melania left her coat on through their entire lunch giving the impression she was ready to go at a moment's notice. The Secret Service sat at adjacent tables and kept a close eye on Baron and mom through their pizza lunch.

Secret Service sweeping commotion

Baron at 10 will have to get used to creating a commotion like the one seen in Serafina.

It was quite the show just because they wanted to go out for pizza. With all the threats and chaos caused by Donald Trump winning the election, they need this overload of protection, which probably seems overwhelming to a kid!

Unlike the other few times we've seen Baron in public, he was able to stay wide awake through lunch. The last two times Baron was in the public eye for any length of time he was fighting off sleep because he was attending late night activities for his dad.

At the Republican Convention Baron did his best to keep his eyes open and more recently on election night, he fought off the late night slumber as he stood on stage with his dad.

Doting Mom

During lunch mom doted on her young son and the two were conversing through their entire luncheon date. In pictures posted of Baron making his way down the streets of Manhattan and into the pizza restaurant, he appears just as amazed at all the people staring at him as the people who gathered to get a glimpse of Little Donald Trump!

So what did the mom and son eat? Melania had the pizza and it was pasta for Baron.

This was in the middle of a school day so why was Baron not in school? It was a day for parent-teacher conferences so it was a legal day off for the son of the 45th president elect!

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