Jasmine Lorimer picked Kevin Wendt in the Season 1 “Bachelorette Canada” finale and the decision generated a lot of buzz. Many fans were hoping that she would choose Mikhel Sickand instead, and things were fairly intense during the “After the Final Rose” special. Jasmine and Kevin chose not to do the typical media rounds after the finale, leading to a lot of speculation about the state of their relationship. They've now come forward to do one interview and their supporters will not want to miss these updates.

How are Lorimer and Wendt doing now?

Lorimer's decision to pick Wendt over Sickand generated a lot of talk online and the “Bachelorette Canada” stars faced a lot of intense, often negative, commentary across various social media platforms. Jasmine and Kevin were slated to do some interviews after the finale, but they canceled everything and essentially went radio silent for about a week. Did this mean that they had split or were on the verge of a split?

Now Jasmine and Kevin have done an interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada” and the “Bachelorette” stars said that they are still together and in love.

They are facing a long-distance relationship at this point, however, and they said that they are taking things slowly in terms of what comes next. Lorimer and Wendt note that the past week since the finale aired has been really good and despite the online negativity, they are happy and looking forward to settling into a normal routine as a couple.

What comes next for the 'Bachelorette Canada' duo?

Wendt and Lorimer say that they have talked about moving in together, but no firm plans have been made at this point.

Kevin said that he's traveling to visit Jasmine soon and they note that they are nowhere near the point of making wedding plans. Of course, they did get engaged in the finale, but they are anxious to build a regular relationship and they won't be rushing what comes next.

The two “Bachelorette” stars note that the “After the Final Rose” special did have some difficult moments, and they acknowledge that they both stepped back from social media due to the negativity they encountered.

Unfortunately for the pair's fans, it doesn't sound as if they'll be flooding Instagram or other social media platforms with frequent updates anytime soon.

Jasmine and Kevin seem anxious to distance themselves from the attention and indicate that they are together and taking things one step at a time. However, Lorimer did post one photo of the two together on social media, thanking their supporters and noting that they're excited to see what comes next.

Do you think that Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt will manage to stay together or are they destined for a split? Which of the guys from “The Bachelorette Canada” would you like to see go on to be the next “Bachelor” lead?

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