A "Bachelor in Paradise" break up just occurred between couple, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris. The two met on the popular ABC show that saw multiple couples get engaged in season 3. Unfortunately, Grant and Lace were unable to remain together and are sharing why they split up.

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple end engagement

According to Entertainment Tonight, the pair, the split is amicable. Morris moved out of their San Francisco home a few days ago and is now back in Denver.

What happened between this "BIP" couple? They aren't able to give each other what they need, Morris shared. She admits the chemistry is there and it feels like it should work, but for some reason it just isn't right now. Lace adds that the relationship started to crack when she and Kemp started to bicker for about a month. The broken engagement saddens her and she wishes it would've worked out.

Morris continues that she left Ben Higgins' season of "The Bachelor" to work on herself as a person, but only started doing that just prior to filming "BiP." She said this relationship with Kemp was an "eye-opener" for her.

For his part, Kemp says they did everything "backwards" and that what he and Morris had to figure out in a few short months takes most people years to learn. He doesn't regret anything about appearing on reality television and one thing he and Morris agree on is giving that another shot if the opportunity presents itself.

Kemp says the "odds are against" he and Morris to be a couple. Ironically, he says she's everything he wants in the woman he'd marry, but it's not meant to be. The couple want to remain friends, but feel it's best to keep their distance from one another since the break up is so fresh.

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Could there be a future for this 'Bachelor in Paradise' pair?

Can Grant Kemp and Lace Morris get back together? They both have differing views on that, which may explain how they arrived at the decision of calling it quits. Lace would like to think there's potential for a reunion, while Grant doesn't believe there's a real chance of that happening.

The "Bachelor in Paradise" stars have posted photos on their Instagram accounts of their recent activities, but none have shown them with each other for a few weeks -- a typical sign that there's definitely "trouble in paradise."

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