Mainstream media coverage of the protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock Reservation has been scarce, but some Celebrities are trying to change that by getting the word out and making appearances at the protest site. Most recently, cast members of The Avengers Movies have spoken up on social media in support of Standing Rock and made trips to protest and stand in solidarity with the Native Americans who live there. Yes, the Avengers have “assembled” to protest DAPL.

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) have been active on Twitter and Instagram, making posts with the hashtag #NoDAPL in protest of the oil pipeline that is set to be constructed near the tribal lands of Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

The celebrities posted videos protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and urging their fans and President Obama to do the same.

Stars protest Dakota Access Pipeline

Samuel L. Jackson posted a video on Instagram last week explaining why he is against the building of the crude oil pipeline in North Dakota, stating he “acknowledges the First Peoples of America” and “stands for their right to clean water." One of the primary reasons the Standing Rock Sioux people and people from over 200 other tribes object to the construction of the pipeline is the concern it could contaminate their water supply in the Missouri River.

Jackson also linked to a petition where fans can sign to “stand with Standing Rock.”

Mark Ruffalo visited the protest site

Last week, Mark Ruffalo visited the protest site at Standing Rock along with Reverend Jesse Jackson, commenting, “Here I am walking up to the front line at #standingrock with one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time and sister Waleah from Native Renewables to meet the brave water protectors peacefully holding the line.” Chris Hemsworth also shared a photo of two young Native American girls, and a photo of himself in his Thor costume at Standing Rock, acknowledging the need to fight to protect the First Nations’ sacred lands and water.

The Avengers aren’t the first celebrities to support Standing Rock. Shailene Woodley ("Divergent," "The Fault in Our Stars") has been outspoken against the DAPL for a while now; as a matter of fact, she was arrested at a Standing Rock protest just last month. She was appreciative that other celebrities are taking up the same cause.

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