Atlanta has become a big hit this fall for FX and the season finale is set to air Tuesday night. This was a relatively short season, but it generated a lot of buzz and fans are quite anxious for more. Will the show be back for a second season?

FX gave 'Atlanta' a quick second-season order

As TV Guide notes, FX did not wait long to make a decision regarding the cancellation or renewal of “Atlanta.” Shortly after the show debuted in September, Season 2 was officially ordered. The series has been a great performer for the network, so it came as little surprise that FX decided that they wanted more.

The next season will consist of 10 episodes and fans will be anxious to see where things head now that the network has shown such confidence in the series.

What “Atlanta” spoilers are available for Tuesday's Season 1 finale? As Entertainment Weekly details, the series will wind back around to where it began in a sense. Actor Brian Tyree Henry, who plays Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, teases that it's a very special finale and notes that viewers will see that what is old is new again.

The Season 1 finale will set the stage for where 'Atlanta' heads next

Viewers have watched as Donald Glover's Earnest “Earn” Marks headed home after dropping out of Princeton and took on managing his cousin's rap career.

He's had to find a way to balance these efforts with his relationship with Van and their baby girl. Heading into the Season 1 finale, “Atlanta” spoilers note that Earn will lose his jacket while out partying with Darius and Paper Boi, and there will be some drama related to Quita losing her phone as well.

Where are things headed in Season 2 of "Atlanta"? Fans should get a hint of what lies ahead as Tuesday's finale airs and there is little doubt that viewers will be buzzing as they wait for new episodes. FX has praised the show for the buzz that it's generated and it is clear that they are confident that a second season can spark even more support.

Where would you like to see “Atlanta” head in Season 2 given that its been renewed for another 10 episodes?

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