More and more celebrities and activists have called out media outlets and society for pressuring girls and women to look a certain way. A way that is unnatural and unattainable. Mattel heard your voices and rolled out a line of Barbie dolls last year that looked like the body types we see everyday: petite, curvy and tall. The dolls came in seven different skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles. But it was one person in particular that got Mattel's attention. In an interview with Access Hollywood this year, model Ashley Graham said she was moved by the toy company's decision to have Barbie in different body types.

The interview reached Mattel and that's when the company decided to make a Barbie in Graham's honor. The model revealed the doll to her Instagram followers.

Ashley Graham requested that her Barbie look a certain way

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Graham specifically asked Mattel to create her Barbie with no thigh gap.

"She had to have her thighs touch. No ands, ifs or buts about it. And I asked for cellulite but obviously plastic and cellulite don't go hand in hand," Graham told the magazine.

The model worked with Mattel to create the doll's wardrobe

Barbie is synonymous with fashion. So in true Barbie fashion, Graham decided to recreate one of her "post-New York Fashion Week looks." The doll comes with a black speckled, figure-hugging dress that stops above the knee, paired with a crop jean jacket. The doll is also wearing hoop earrings. The 28-year-old wore black strappy heels during her fashion week look but the doll is shown wearing Pierre Hardy boots.

Ashley Graham makes history

Graham was the first size 16 model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated this year. In 2015, she spearheaded the first plus-sized ad campaign for Sports Illustrated. The model has criticized the phrase "plus-size model" in the past. Noting that thin models are not addressed by their size. Graham has been taking the fashion industry by the threads since her debut on SI.

She has her own lingerie and swimsuit line for curvy women.

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