On Thanksgiving Day, Detroit native Aretha Franklin sang the national anthem before the start of the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings game in Detroit, Michigan at Ford Field. The singer took 4-minutes and 35 seconds to sing the song that most people sing in less time. In fact, she doubled the time Whitney Houston sang it at the Super Bowl in 1991. Houston's singing lasted only 2-minutes and 20 seconds.

Aretha Franklin's long version

Because the 74-year-old legendary singer put her own spin on the song, it lasted much longer than it should have.

She played the piano as she sang very slowly and added pauses throughout the song. It was beautiful, but it lasted much too long. A lot of people, including the football players, became impatient. They couldn't wait until she finished so the game could start. The NFL knew Franklin would do a good job kicking off the Thanksgiving game, but they didn't know she would take so long to sing it. People seem to be talking more about her performance than about the game itself which the Lions won, 16-13.

Social media reacts

Many people on social media did not give Aretha Franklin much respect for singing the "Star Spangled Banner" so long. On Thanksgiving Day, people had a lot to talk about around their dinner table. One topic was Aretha Franklin and her long version of the National Anthem. Not only was talk around the dinner table about Franklin, but she began trending on social media. Many people did not like the rendition from the “Queen of Soul,” and they didn't hold back saying so.

One person on Twitter joked that there was enough time to cook a turkey, eat it, and do the dishes during Franklin's long performance. Another mocked the singer by saying that though she started on Thanksgiving, and it would be Christmas before she finished.

As seen in the tweet above, Andrew Jerell Jones suggested that she sang it that long to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest rendition. Others said they thought she did a great job singing the anthem the way she did. They even suggested that she had earned the right to sing the song for as long as she wanted.

What do you think about Aretha Franklin's long version of the national anthem?

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