Fans expecting a big reendition of the national anthem were not disappointed by the length of her performance. She delivered what might have been the lengthiest version of all time and Twitter certainly wasn't going to ignore it. The 74 year old likely doesn't have much time left in the spotlight, so it's hard to blame her for taking so long during the performance. It's still way to easy to make fun of her for it though.

Twitter Has a Field Day with Aretha Franklin.

Franklin's national anthem had America flocking to Twitter to discuss the national anthem. And the Tweets? You're gonna find it hard not to laugh at every single one.

One Twitter used started things off with a reference to the Simpsons.

And others simply piled on. Some even believed they had time to go buy some food at the store while Aretha Franklin was singing her heart out.

And even more fans decided that they would have time to other things while Aretha Franklin was singing the anthem. And maybe the players on the NFL sidelines were doing this too!

Aretha Franklin Trends Quickly on Twitter.

It didn't take long for the star to trend after her national anthem performance.

The 74 year old is widely recognized as a legend and deserves all the time she gets in the spotlight. What Franklin probably didn't expect is the number of jokes that immediately emerged on Twitter directly after her performance. Just how long was it anyway?

That's not an answer!

I want to know exactly how long the national anthem took. Surely somebody timed it and knows how long Franklin's version of the anthem took.

OK, that's also not a time. This user might have actually been able to do that in the time it took Aretha Franklin to sing the national anthem, but it's still not an actual time. Can somebody please tell me how long the national anthem took?

It's almost like Aretha Franklin is still singing! The Lions game started and I still don't know what the exact timing on that song was.

I finally got an answer! It certainly felt like the anthem took 8 minutes, but it definitely lasted longer than that. If you actually want to find out how long the national anthem lasted for, I highly recommend doing a quick search on the internet to find out.

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