"Westworld" fans were thrilled when they learned that the HBO show was picked up for Season 2. They were less than thrilled to learn that it wouldn't return until 2018. However, their excitement soon turned sour when the rumor ran wild on social media that Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Robert Ford) and Ed Harris (Man In Black) would not return for Season 2.

What we know so far about 'Westworld' Season 2

We know that Ed Harris will return next season because he confirmed so much on social media last week. He revealed that he cannot provide any details, but to rest assured that the Man In Black survives the Season 1 finale.

The fans were excited but felt anxious about Anthony Hopkins' role in Season 2, since he hasn't explicitly confirmed he would return.

Anthony Hopkins' deal

"Westworld" was criticized in the first couple of episodes because of the violence against women but quickly became a fan favorite. The show is a bonafide hit and will return in early 2018. Reportedly, Season 2 has begun filming and is set to wrap up in the next few months.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris originally signed on to "Westworld" to the tune of $200K per episode, with a promise of two season minimum. That seems to imply that Anthony Hopkins will have to return to fulfill another year of his contract.

It is possible that the contract could have some loophole, but not likely. After all, could "Westworld" go on without Dr. Ford?

Dr. Ford's influence on 'Westworld'

Currently, the show centers around Dr. Ford and his vision for the park.

We know that could change, depending on the Season 1 finale, but his presence in the show is critical. The show could struggle to continue without Dr. Ford because without him; there isn't much of a conflict.

"Westworld" fans, are you glad to hear that Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris are sticking around for at least one more season?

Are you excited about the Season 1 finale?

Westworld airs the Season 1 finale on Sunday, December 4 on HBO at 9/8 p.m. EST.

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