Honduran-born Actor Miguel Izaguirre grew up in Miami, Florida, and was interested in movies and TV shows from a young age. Now a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, Miguel has landed numerous acting roles in both movies and television series. He recently discussed his career.


Blasting News (BN): What motivated you to become an actor?

Miguel Izaguirre (MI): I was bitten by the acting bug at an early age when I first starred in an Elementary School Christmas play. I began to pursue the dream professionally when I turned 20 years old and made the decision to move from Miami (where I was raised) to Los Angeles.

BN: What media influenced you early on?

MI: My biggest influences were definitely film and TV. I remember when I first saw an episode of Nickelodeon's “All That” and I fell in love with the format and thought that it could be a career to portray different characters and have fun in the arts.

BN: How did you first find roles?

MI: I joined an acting class in Miami with an ultimate goal to perform a showcase in Los Angeles. This allowed me to obtain representation and become eligible for my SAG card.

This opened so many doors for me with opportunities to audition for studio projects as a working actor under the Union.

BN: How many projects have you acted in to date?

MI: I have accumulated over 19 credits in a five year time-span. Each credit I have obtained has taught me a lesson on its own. Perhaps my favorite thus far is an episode of True Detective I shot. I had the fortunate chance to act alongside Vince Vaughn and was able to learn a lot from our interactions on set.


BN: What kind of project would you regard as ideal?

MI: As a comic book geek at heart, a Marvel or DC project would be amazing!

BN: So far, what do you enjoy most about being an actor?

MI: The inspiration and impact I have to those who believe in me and follow my journey. People have reached out letting me know how my journey has inspired them to pursue their own dreams more diligently.

BN: What advice can you provide to up and coming entertainers?

MI: Never give up! Believe in yourself first and foremost. Put in the hard work and the universe will take care of the rest.

BN: So, what’s next for you?

MI: Next year I have a few episodes coming out; Netflix's “Love” and “Orange is the New Black.” I’ll also be on NBC's “Trial & Error” and TBS' “The Guest Book” as well as Showtime's “Shameless.”

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