Louisiana born singer and Actor Breon Pugh started his career working in theater. While in college pursing an Associates Degree in Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy, he secured a role in a movie called “Bolden!” followed by a role in a film called “Mosaic” was which directed by Steven Soderbergh, an Academy Award winner. Breon also appears on the TV series “Underground” and “Vice Principles.” He was happy to speak about his life as an actor.


Blasting News (BN): When and how did you initially get into your career?

Breon Pugh (BP): In church, my family were gospel singers and in the entertainment industry. I always wanted to act but I was introverted and I struggled with dyslexia but I had faith in God and I’ve been high stepping ever since.

BN: What kinds of entertainment inspires you?

BP: Growing up, I was mostly influenced by Michael Jackson. He was an all-around entertainer that I admired. As I dug deeper into performing arts, I discovered Bob Fosse, Debbie Allen, Gregory Hines and more. I would pick up on everything I saw on TV and heard on the radio and try to reenact it in my mind.

Then I knew it was so much more in me that needed to be cultivated.

BN: How did you go about seeking gigs?

BP: In school, we would put on plays, and those were the few times I got to dabble in what I’m doing now. I had a teacher named Mrs. Elsa at University Elementary in Shreveport. She was one of the people in charge of the plays that were put on for the year and who would be in them... Well one particular year, she asked the kids who wanted to try for the lead parts to step to the front.

I didn’t want any parts, so I hid. She saw me go behind the curtain so she pulled me to the side and she said you shouldn’t be scared. “sing for me and read for this part” is all I heard after that. She unlocked something in me and performing in school as well as church became my outlet.

BN: As of now, how many projects have you been a part of?

BP: So far, over four projects. “Bolden!” is by far the stand out of all my projects.

I had to learn how to play clarinet for the role, and was taught by one of the greats, Delfeayo Marsalis, and my main teacher Greg Agid, who is an awesome clarinet player. Dan Pritzker is the director and it chronicles the life of New Orleans jazz musician Buddy Bolden and his band. I play his childhood friend and band member, Willie Warner. It was hard work, but I couldn’t have made it through without the rest of the band/cast-mates Ser’Darius Blain, Donald Watkins, Calvin Johnson, Korey Webb Turner, Justin Faulkner, and Gary Carr it was like a brother hood we put everything we had into it and so did the rest of the cast.


BN: What would be the most ideal project for you?

BP: My dream project is something that would show all the facets of my abilities. And something with Viola Davis...because she’s Viola Davis!

BN: To date, what has been the absolute best part of being an actor?

BP: Being able to be somebody other than myself and entertain people. And showing others that it is possible to dream big!

BN: What advice would you like to offer someone who is trying to become an entertainer?

BP: Make sure you know the basics of any field of entertainment that you’re trying to get into. Don’t let location, circumstances, or physical appearance deter you from your goals and dreams.

Even if it takes you eight years, like me, to get your first “yes”, it only takes one. Be willing to receive help and always be humble because how you work with people can affect future opportunities.

BN: Would you like to mention any new projects?

BP: Yes! As I mentioned before, “Bolden!” and HBO Films “Mosaic” directed by Steven Soderbergh, which is a psychological thriller that will let the audience decide the fates of the characters. That’s a 2017 release. And then there's “The Party Crasher” which is directed by Brant Sersen. It's a horror flick about a group of frat brothers.

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