Dr. Phil is one of the most well-known psychologicalDoctor’s in the world who hosts his own reality TV show, Dr. Phil. After 14 seasons, hehas had a variety of cases that have left him astounded, but none like he had on November 3rd when a 19-year-old girl believed herself to be pregnant with Jesus.

A blank ultrasound

Despitemultiple failed pregnancy tests, on Thursday, Haley showed up on Dr. Phil’s showadamant that she is pregnant and only nine days away from delivering her child, Jesus. She asked Dr. Phil to provide her with her first ultrasound to prove that she is, in fact pregnant.Dr. Travis Stork, host of the TV show “The Doctors”, revealed the results with Haleyon the show.

It was evident there wasno detection of a child in the womb, but Haley continued to defy any evidence telling her that she is not pregnant, even going tothe extent of saying “I feel him kick all of the time, Dr. Phil.”Dr. Storkattempted toexplain that the kicking sensation she has been feeling has to do with her bowels. Haley responded to Dr. Stork’s scientific claims with, “I’m sorry Dr. Stork, but you can’t lie to Jesus."

Is her past causing her to do this?

On the show, Haley reveals traumatizing childhood events that have shaped who she is today. Although her mother disagrees, shebelievesher mother is to blame for everything that she has had to go through in just 19short years. Her mom kicked her out of the house forcing her to homelessness for over a year now.

On the street, she has had to face much adversity. In order to support herself she “had to do, like, sexual things” as she explains. She also believes herself to have a mental disability that will lead to her death if she does not begin to receive her proper medication or disability check.

Her sister Adriana was also present on the show to statehow both she and her sister were sexually abused as children.

She explains how she made the effort to help herself by getting proper treatment at a young age allowing her to overcome such hurdles, whereas her sister did not. Adrianabelieves Haley to be living a lie and that if Haley would take measures to help herself, she could be at a much better place.

Despite all evidence indicating that Haley is not pregnant, she refuses to believe thisto be the case.

What is leadingher to the belief that she is pregnant with Jesus is a question that remains unanswered.

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