Actor Tim Allen, star of the American sitcom, “Last Man Standing,” has spoken out against Hollywood for labeling President-elect Donald Trump a “bully.”

Allen’s sympathies lie not with Trump, but with his supporters

Allen appeared on Fox News' "The Kelly File," with host, Megyn Kelly, this past Monday to offer his viewpoint on Hollywood’s reaction to the recent election. The actor had denounced those in Hollywood who labeled Trump a “bully” by saying that they were “a little bit hypocritical,” as he claimed that people who showed any support for Trump were bullied themselves by said opposition.

Particularly, he also accused Hollywood comedians of not doing any proper research when developing their jokes against Trump, which he referred to as lacking proper “source material.” To give one example, Allen mentioned how the media labeled Trump to opposing “homosexuals,” despite holding a “LGBT for Trump” flag at a recent Republican National Convention.

That said, Allen denied wanting to serve as a political spokesman for Hollywood, stating that he was a comic and a comedian first and foremost, although identifying as an “anarchist.” He was also willing to admit that he did not necessarily support the man himself and admitted he had “terrible timing,” comparing him to a bad comedian.

The real-life “Mike Baxter” and modern politics

Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, on the series “Last Man Standing,” was notably portrayed as a Republican like Allen in real life, and had criticized Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama in various episodes of the show.

Although the actor’s sympathies currently align with people who support Trump, given his recent statements, he had previously supported Ohio Governor John Kasich for the presidential bid in statements made over a year ago, going so far as to claim he would have been a Republican that Democrats would have supported, highlighting his views on addressing poverty.

In addition to “Last Man Standing,” Allen is also known to the public from the sitcom, “Home Improvement,” and his work in various films for Disney, including having starring roles in both the “Toy Story” and “The Santa Clause” film franchises.

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