With its record breaking season premiere, “The Walking Dead” has already shown that it’s going to stay a little closer to comic book storylines in the past. So far, audiences have seen major comic book deaths play out and gotten a glimpse at Negan’s Sanctuary. As season seven moves forward though, we’ll be seeing even more of the graphic novels coming to life.


Audiences already got a peek at this character, though they might not have known it. Lindsley Register made her debut on the series as one of the women living at the Sanctuary in “The Cell.” You might have spotted her with Dwight early on in the episode, and she recently confirmed to ComicBook.Com that she is playing Laura, a character from the graphic novels rather than one created for the show.

Register confirmed her role after speculation arose that Laura would be played by another new addition to the cast.

Introducing Laura to the series now is a surprising move. In the graphic novels, she wasn’t introduced until issue #148. With the events of the season premiere, the story (which has loosely followed the comics up to this point), Negan’s introduction and swinging of Lucille places the story closer to issue #100, where the same scene took place.

On the page, Laura is a prominent member of the Saviors, but not when they are under Negan’s rule. Instead, she’s a high ranking member once someone else is in charge, which hints that we might be seeing a bit of a rebellion this season. She also, eventually, helps Rick and his friends take on another rival group.


If you’re familiar with the graphic novels, the name “Arat” might not ring any bells for you. That’s because the name itself doesn’t appear in the comics - unless you’re reading them backwards. Tara is a comic book character, though with a main character on the show already having that name, it appears Elizabeth Ludlow got a new twist on the part.

Originally crediting herself as a “friend of Lucille” on her twitter account, Ludlow will make her debut in “Service” as a member of Negan’s group, though we don’t know exactly how she’ll be involved in the story just yet. She was introduced in the comics in issue #104 as one of the characters attempting to capture Jesus, another new addition from season six.

Like Laura, her comic book counterpart also aided Rick in going up against another group - the Whisperers. Not yet introduced on the series, this is a group that uses blood and skin of the undead to blend in. Eventually, they become the primary enemy of both Rick and the Saviors, resulting in a need to team up.

With season seven only just starting to introduce audiences to the Saviors, and the series being renewed for a season eight, it seems only logical that the show is building to the introduction of the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9PM on AMC.

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