“The Shelter” is a newly released psychological horror-thriller rife with religious iconography and themes of guilt, bad decisions and the possibility of redemption. “The Shelter” is John Fallon’s debut feature film which chronicles the misadventures of Thomas, a homeless man who wanders into a house only to find that he is unable to leave. Rather than being a straightforward horror film, it is a multi-layered—almost artistic—commentary on the nature of actions, consequences and second chances.


John Fallon is a writer, actor and Director whose previous credits include directing the music video for the Damn Yankees song “Gasolina” as well as an award-winning short film titled “The Red Hours.” John is also a long-time horror fan who is in charge of the “Arrow in the Head” horror website that is owned by the JoBlo Movie Network.

He has served on the jury at various festivals including the Fantastic Fest Film Festival and Sitges Film Festival. Additionally, John is the owner of Bruise Productions Inc. which is currently developing five film projects including two Movies that have sizable budgets. These films are titled “The Prize” and “Templars” both of which have a strong science-fiction, action and horror elements. While John’s company rarely looks at original scripts they do hire writers on commission. “Tuning my own production company is a necessary evil,” John Fallon explained. “We’re always busy so we focus on in-house stuff right now.”


John is also proud of his association with “Arrow in the Head” which he has been working with for over sixteen years.

“I’m like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ on the site, the guy behind the curtain as I have somebody else running it for us,” John stated. “The website came about by accident. I had just come out of acting school and my good friend Berge Garabedian—who had started his website JoBlo—asked me out of the blue one day if I would be interested in streamlining a horror section on his site.

I said ‘yes’ just for the fun of it as running a website was never a goal or a passion of mine, it just fell in my lap. I thought working the site would keep my writing fresh and that the whole thing would end fairly quickly because nobody would read it. Boy, was I wrong. Within three months AITH picked up lots of steam, we eventually had to hire a staff as I couldn’t do it alone anymore and suddenly I had a new career to tend to on top of everything else!” Today, the website is one of the longest-running and popular horror websites on the Internet.

It functions as a site for cult films and although horror is its primary genres, some films also touch upon fantasy, action and science fiction.


In the coming years, John Fallon is hopeful that he will be able to create movies with a bigger budget, co-produce with other companies and eventually hire other directors to helm some of the projects. As per Arrow in the Head, the site will continue on as usual although John anticipates the creation of additional video content. “Maybe we will be able to tag up with a distributor to release genre films and develop the brand further that way,” he stated. “I am looking into it!”

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