Fans of “Agents of SHIELD” have been waiting three weeks to find out just what happened to Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie after they disappeared in “The Good Samaritan.” Not only do fans get to see that unlikely trio, but Jemma’s mission is also revealed.

Jemma’s secret mission

When we last saw Jemma, she was whisked away for a secret mission. That mission? Figuring out what’s going on with Senator Nadeer’s brother, who has been in a cocoon for seven months.

She manages to figure out that the young man is nervous and that he needs to be calmed down. She even helps to crack the cocoon. Does she learn his name or help figure out what his new Inhuman gifts are?

Nope. Because that’s classified. She’s, again, whisked away before she can even begin to help him.

Trapped between dimensions

Fitz is quick to figure out that he, Coulson, and Robbie are trapped between dimensions. What “Agents of SHIELD” does with that here is more akin to the multiple dimensions in “Doctor Strange,” even though the show has done something similar before.

In season one, the team fought Tobias Ford, a man who they first thought was a ghost, but was simply trapped between dimensions that were opened as a result of the events in “Thor: The Dark World.” What Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie go through puts a different twist on his similar situation, especially as AIDA reads the Darkhold and appears to be wielding magic like what’s seen in “Doctor Strange’ when portals are opened.

Her using her knowledge from the Darkhold later to build herself a brain? That’s probably a sign of bad things to come.

What does Mack have to do to keep his body to himself?

Mack, however briefly, ends up being the one possessed by the spirit of the Ghost Rider, who apparently can’t handle being between dimensions.

Long time fans of the show will remember though that this isn’t the first time another entity has possessed Mack.

In season two, way back when Daisy was Skye and about to find out about her Inhuman heritage, Mack was possessed and turned into the guardian of an ancient Kree city. After that experience, he was ready to quit SHIELD altogether.

This time, Ghost Rider feeds on his pain to use him.

Lucky for Mack, Robbie makes a deal with his own personal devil - agreeing to settle all of Ghost Rider’s scores - in order to save the agent.

Poor Mack cannot catch a break when it comes to being in control of his own mind and body, and I hope the writers don’t do this to him again.

Who is Hope?

The Ghost Rider mentions Mack having lost “hope,” and while we all might have thought that was a state of being, Mack has what looks like a photo labeled “Hope” that is dated for April 18, 2006. This is the first we’ve heard of anyone named Hope connected to him, and if you’re looking for clues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movies didn’t kick off until 2008, so good luck!

Reunited and it feels so good

It’s no secret by now that Iain de Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge have become the emotional center of the show as they’ve played FitzSimmons slowly falling for one another. They didn’t even spend the episode together and the audience was still treated to some heartache courtesy of de Caestecker. His panic at not being able to talk to Jemma, his near breakdown with Coulson, and then his explosion at Director Mace were all things of beauty. You can’t help but have that emotional catharsis when FitzSimmons are finally reunited at the end of the episode.

They aren’t the only ones who get a reunion though. May and Coulson, who have been friends and agents longer than anyone else on the show, also had an emotional moment (or five).

May was willing to run into the portal to get to him, and it seems like the writers are ready to open the possibility of more than friendship between the two this season.

The verdict

A great episode to return from a mini hiatus. I’m only sad that there’s only one more before the show breaks again.

4 out of 5 stars

What’s next

Ghost Rider and SHIELD will have to ally again to save Los Angeles.

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