Agents of SHIELD” gets a little more magical as Ghost Rider’s origin story is revealed, but that’s not all in “The Good Samaritan.” Director Mace sends Simmons on a secret assignment just before attempting to bring Daisy and Robbie into custody, much to Coulson’s dismay.

How Robbie got the ghost

While Robbie Reyes is a comic book character, the show takes a slight twist on his origin story. Robbie, for example, isn’t stealing someone else’s car as he does in the comics, but borrowing his uncle’s. He and his little brother are also shot in a hit meant for his uncle.

What’s great though is that the writers provide a twist for the fans who hoped another Ghost Rider would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Robbie reveals that when he and Gabe were attacked by gang members, he actually died, and a man with a flaming skull on a motorcycle passed his abilities on, along with a thirst for vengeance. Comic book fans might recognize that man as Johnny Blaze.

Johnny Blaze, the original Marvel Ghost Rider in the comics, also got a shout out in episode five as the Darkhold was taken from the basement of the last person to have it. There, you might have caught a poster for the carnival where Blaze worked in the comics on the wall. It’s a great reminder that though we’re seeing a small part of the MCU, there’s more going on in the larger world around the characters we’ve been able to get to know so well.

The Darkhold

Scientists used the book with the goal of creating something from nothing, which violates all kinds of laws of physics (though FitzSimmons fans will appreciate the First Law of Thermodynamics shout out that will forever be associated with the pair thanks to their big season one scene at the bottom of the ocean).

Their aim is to create new matter using this device they’ve built without using Earth’s resources. It seems noble, but we know by now that there’s always a cost with science in the MCU. See: the Hulk, any advancements made by Hydra, Ultron, etc.

Given the fact that matter just seems to appear out of nowhere, I can’t help but remember that in “Agent Carter,” which gets a lot of name checking in this episode, the theory there was Darkforce came from another dimension.

It’s probably not a coincidence that Lucy chooses a lab that used to conduct Darkforce experiments as companies Isodyne Energy and Roxxon both played a role on “Agent Carter.”

Fitz and Simmons are separated again

This falls under that internet adage of “why can’t we just have nice things?” Fitz and Simmons are the emotional heart of the show, but since the two of them finally worked out their issues and entered a romantic relationship, the writers haven’t seemed to want them to be in the same room together for very long.

This would be the third time Jemma Simmons has been separated from the rest of the team. Season two saw her undercover at Hydra, season three saw her on an alien planet, and now, the director sends her on a super secret government favor without letting her tell anyone.

When will she be allowed to do her job in peace and have a nice relationship with Fitz?

Of course, she’s not the only one separated this time around as the cliffhanger for the episode sees both Coulson and Fitz disappear when Eli Morrow finally fulfills his wish to turn himself into a matter generator. Where did they go? Well, that matter has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it? My bet is that they’ve swapped places for now and are either stuck in between dimensions, or in the one where Darkforce actually originates.

Next episode

We’ll all have a lot of time to digest this cliffhanger - nearly the entire month. “Agents of SHIELD” will have the next three weeks off as ABC has political coverage and holiday programming filling its time slot.

That gives everyone enough time to see “Doctor Strange,” which hits theaters this week, as well.

Agents of SHIELD” returns with its next batch of episodes on November 29.

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