Adam Levine's time on "The Voice" may be coming to an end sooner than fans expected -- according to a report from Radar Online, Levine has threatened to depart from the show if he's forced to work with Miley Cyrus for another season. "The Voice" is currently in its eleventh season, and first with Cyrus as one of the coaches, along with Levine, Blake Shelton, and first-time coach Alicia Keys.

Tension on the set

The show's dilemma of picking between Levine and Cyrus will be delayed for at least one year -- it has already been determined that Gwen Stefani will return to replace Cyrus during Season 12.

Nevertheless, insiders have said that Levine and Cyrus have a mutual contempt for one another, believing the other to be obnoxious to work with. Miley immediately assumed a commanding presence upon joining the "The Voice" this season, much to long-time star Levine's annoyance.

A decision between the two is more likely to come in Season 13, when Cyrus is expected to clear her schedule to return to her coach's seat. Levine may choose to leave at that point, as may Shelton; both have been with the show since Season 1 in 2011. Cyrus has been rumored to upset Shelton as well on the set of "The Voice."

Other careers

While Levine and Cyrus are the most prominent presences on "The Voice" right now, neither one of them needs the show to be successful in their careers.

Levine is the frontman for popular pop band Maroon 5 and has expanded into having a relatively successful acting career. Maroon 5 just released their first single of 2016, "Don't Wanna Know" featuring Kendrick Lamar, on October 11. Levine was the winning coach during Season 1, Season 5, and Season 9.

Cyrus has already have a successful singing and acting career, best known for the raunchy music video surrounding her mega hit "Wrecking Ball." In recent months, she has become known for her political activism, strongly supporting the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The second live episode of "The Voice" this season airs on Monday night.

Country music star Garth Brooks serves as mentor to the remaining contestants.

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