Gautham Menon's most anticipated Tamil movie "Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada" was released on November 11, 2016, in the US and India. The film will be screened in more than 300 theatres in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, while it will be shown in 65 screens in Kerala.

The film stars Silambarasan and Manjima Mohan in the lead role, and due to its massive pre-release hype, most of the theatres in Tamil Nadu are expected to witness more than 95% attendance for the opening shows.

The case of Kerala is also no different.

It should be noted that Gautam Menon has a large fan following in God's own country, and as a result, a big initial pull is anticipated for the opening day first show.

According to credible reports coming out from the production unit, we can conclude that this versatile filmmaker has once again hit the Bull's eye, and he has succeeded in delivering a classy commercial entertainer which will satisfy audiences of all genres.

A classy love story told in an unnatural way

Like all his previous movies, the filmmaker has instigated his Midas touch in all his proceedings.

The film has been set in the backdrop of a road journey, and things proceed in the initial moments in a cliched manner. In the interval, the director surprises the audiences with a strong punch.

Watch trailer video:

From then, what we will witness is nothing but some breath taking moments which we have never seen before. Some of the action scenes in this movie can be matched with International standards, and he deserves a special round of applause for this effort.

A R Rahman's magical music

This movie marks the homecoming of A R Rahman, Silambarasan and Gautham Menon after the successful "Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaiya".

When it comes to "Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada", A R Rahman has once again recreated the magic, and it has played a crucial role in determining the success of this flick.

Most of the tracks in this flick are peppy, and it offers a pleasant feel to our ears.

Box-office predictions

The flick will surely gross more than Rs 18 Crores ($2.6 million) by the end of this weekend. Stay tuned for more details collections.

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