As I turned on my television screen to watch the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder, the big question of the night was who would be under the sheet. Would it be Connor? Would it be Wes? Would it be the troubled Frank? I felt pretty confident in my prediction of Connor considering his recklessness and lack of a substantial story line. When the season premiered, Annalise Keating had a gut wrenching reaction to the person under the sheet. But with Annalise, there is always something behind every word, every look and even the clothes she wears.

That reaction could have been an act, for all I knew. But then in the last 20 minutes of the episode, it was revealed that the lovely and harmless Wes Gibbins was the character under the sheet. Now that I have had a day to digest the heartbreaking news, I see that there were several clues, foreshadowing Wes' tragic death.

Wes' relationship with Laurel could not last

The Wes and Laurel relationship was extremely well written and unlike the other characters on the show, sex was not the driving factor.

Wes and Laurel shared an intellectual connection which stemmed from their broken childhoods. Wes grew up without either of his parents while Laurel's traditional family view her as their black sheep. Though Wes and Laurel started out as friends, as the seasons progressed, they became increasingly comfortable with one another. They had a seesaw relationship which entailed several arguments, followed by moments of extreme passion.

However, Laurel was also in a serious relationship with Frank. Frank began the series as the attractive aid to Annalise. Though never said out loud, Frank was Annalise's favorite and he knew it. He would perform dirty work for Annalise and made it all seem so routine. Laurel was one of the few people in which Frank confided in. As this season began, Frank went rouge and was nowhere to be found. Naturally, Laurel was able to pull him back.

It was revealed in the flash forward that Laurel is pregnant. The only two men who could be the father are either Wes or Frank. It could have been possible that Frank found out about Laurel's pregnancy with Wes' child and in a jealous rage decided to end his life. Like with most Shonda Rhimes shows, when a character or characters find their footing, something shocking needs to happen, to drive the plot forward.

Wes' connection to Annalise made him the only choice

Throughout the early seasons of the show, one of the biggest questions concerned the connection between Annalise and Wes. Some believed that he was her son.

Others thought that she wanted a sexual relationship with him. Whatever the case, the closeness of their relationship made him an obvious target. Annalise has a tough exterior, except for when she is with Wes. She becomes extremely maternal when in his presence.

With Wes' death, Annalise may become even more destructive. Wes was the stable one and with his death, the entire landscape of the show changes. It was a brave but important move by the writers to have him killed.

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