The world was never the same after Lin-Manuel Miranda’s "Hamilton" premiered at Richard Rodgers Theatre. Along with selling out every one of the Rodgers’ 1,319 seats at over a thousand dollars a ticket week after week, "Hamilton" has become Broadway’s most iconic musical hit of all-time, surpassing even "The Lion King." Across not only the nation but the entire globe, children and adults alike have been fervently listening to and memorizing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s iconic tunes, all 20,000 words. It has won critical acclaim as well, easily picking up Tony's and Grammy's. While many of the original cast have left the musical, including LMM, there’s great news: Miranda is releasing a "Hamilton" Mixtape.

Who will be on the 'Hamilton' Mixtape?

The mixtape will feature stars such as Usher, Kelly Clarkson, The Roots, Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, Sia, Ashanti, Wiz Khalifa, John Legend, Chance the Rapper, the man himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and many more:

Not only are these remixes of the original songs, but the mixtape will also feature new demos of the original show that did not make it into the musical—such as the song "Valley Forge" or "Cabinet Battle 3."

What is 'Hamilton'?

"Hamilton" is a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the life and death of Alexander Hamilton, the United States’ ten dollar founding father.

It was based off the Pulitzer-Prize winning author Ron Chernow’s biography "Alexander Hamilton," so the play is historically accurate and educational as well as almost unbelievably good. Chernow was even a historical consultant for the show, sticking as close to the facts as possible.

Originally premiering at the White House in 2009, the show features 46 songs.

From start to finish, "Hamilton" is sung all the way through—except for one scene: the revelation that Alexander’s best friend John Laurens is dead. According to an interview LMM had with 60 Minutes, it took an entire year for Miranda to write the first song, “My Shot,” and then another year to write the second.

However, he wrote Aaron Burr’s “Wait for It” on the subway.

When will the 'Hamilton' Mixtape be released?

It will be available just in time for Christmas, December 2nd, and can be pre-ordered now!

However, two songs are already available for purchase—Kelly Clarkson’s catchy but heartbreaking remix of “It’s Quiet Uptown” and Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz and Nate Ruess’legendary take on “My Shot.” The world has once again been turned upside down because of Miranda’s "Hamilton."

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