Gohan-san, is the son of Son Goku. Gohan's appearance in all sagas changes drastically through the different events of ''Dragon Ball Z'' because the story of him begins as a child and ends up with him as a man. Finishing the Buu saga, he forms a family.

Gohan is named in almost all series or sagas, the only thing that changes is his stature and the trances of each saga. Gohan has hair like his father, black and brown eyes. He has the same easy traits as his Uncle Raditz and his skin tone is similar to his mother Milk.


His role in Dragon Ball Z

At the beginning of the saga of ''Dragon Ball Z'', Gohan had long hair like his Uncle Raditz, he wore a red hat which is identified by having the Dragon Sphere of four stars along with a yellow tunic with the sign of Kanji Son.

Gohan was trained by Piccolo Daimaku, when he began to receive training and his complete appearance changed as Piccolo dressed him, a sign that wore his suit previously changed it by the Kanji Ma, that would be the sign of the Demon Piccolo instead of the Kanji Son .

At the beginnings of ''Dragon Ball Z'' when the android Cell arrived and during the arrival of the Commander Freezer and King Cold, the hair of Gohan grows again and begins to use the armor that use the Namek specifically the armor that brought Prince Vegeta in his beginnings.


In his training Gohan began to train in the room of the time next to his father Son Goku, here is where he cuts his hair similar to his father's. Later in the same room of time is where he learns to become Super Saiyan, obtaining phase one of the transformation of the Saiyajin Warriors.


In the Saga of ''Dragon Ball Super'' it is possible to notice that Gohan already had left the martial arts, also has stopped to fight against the villains since it has a family to attend and from always wanted to lead a normal life and to work to be able to survive.

In the last chapters of the saga of ''Dragon Ball Super'' Gohan realizes that Prince Vegeta and his father Goku need more than help and that the only saiyajin that remains is he, by training alone, he can become powerful and able to obtain the transformation of Super Saiyajin Blue.